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Introduction to Kanna

A brief history of Kanna

Sceletium Tortuosum is a succulent plant

from the South African region. This plant is fermented

and dried into a powder which is referred to as Kanna.

Usage predates written history. We find Kanna long ago

in early civilizations such as

the San (Khoisan) and Khoikhoi (Hottentots). These

are true aboriginal people of Southern Africa.

Kanna has many traditional uses, often fermented

which would increase the psychoactivity. Knowledge of

this plant has traveled through generations.

Kanna’s used in ceremonies, healings, rituals etc.

The word Kanna is the same word Khoisan attribute to

their native antelope which was considered magical

in their culture.

The leaves were often chewed for minor pain relief

or to soothe the stomach ache, however many uses of

Kanna were explored.

Kanna has stayed relatively low key through the years

as many awesome herbs and plants are. Only recently is

Kanna being explored by researchers, athletes, and

psychonauts alike.

We're personally big fans of this herb ourselves.

What does Kanna feel like?

Kanna affects everyone different. Often a sense of peace can be

felt. Some describe the feeling as uplifting, calming or a pleasent

mood boost. Others describe feeling energized and focused.

These advantages can help aide in productivity, sociability,

creativity or an overall interst in the world.

Kanna may be used for many reasons. Traditionally kanna was

consumed by the Khoisanas a mood altering experience

& powerful traditional medicinal herb.

How can I take Kanna?

Lots of ways to consume kanna- from mixing loose fermented leaf

into tea, extracts in capsules, oral sprays, tinctures, extract insufflation,

drinks, etc.

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