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Sun Opener Effects

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

When this drink is consumed, sounds can appear different- for instance people report sounding like they're in a tunnel- or sounds can appear far away when they are close

Visual hallucinations are also reported. Some report feeling or seeing a vision of yellow- perhaps the reason it is called the “Sun Opener” due to feelings of a sunset. Other visual occurrences have been reported such as seeing bluer objects. This is certainly a weird result from psychedelics as far as I've ever read. There are other reports of a abilities to remember things from the past. some claiming to be able to relate to their relatives and communicate with them. These are bold claims I've found from drug reports on the internet.

My Experience

My method of consumption was about a gram of the herbal powder extract provided on Entheogenic Emporium mixed with orange juice. The taste was somewhat sweet and bitter, overall not the best or worst.

+5 minutes after ingestion

An enjoyable sense of calm, and relaxing feelings come into fruition. Feels a bit like cannabis, but perhaps a bit of disassociation? Less neurotic than cannabis as well, I'd compare to the feeling of a natural curiosity, excitement more than before.

+10 minutes after ingestion

At this time I feel the herb entirely. Not as strong as cannabis, different. Light, enjoyable, and I even think I understand the audio hallucinogen aspect? I wave my hands back and forth past my ears laughing as my friends talk louder and louder as we all enjoy the strange affects from this herb.

Our vision does also appear a bit more yellow? This feels like sunset. I don't want to say this is placebo either, I do truly feel something more than just your average tea. I think endlessly of the possibilities this alkaloid could benefit society- I think just in general as a help for anxiety in lower doses would make sense.

I'd like next time to try a higher dose. This was an enjoyable experience, I'd actually quite happy to add this plant to my cabinet of go-to-herbs at least for the next few months while I learn more about it's placement in this world.

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