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Kanna Extract FS-33

Kanna Extract FS-33

Cognitive Function & Unwinding 


Sceletium tortuosum powder extract – FS-33

Enhance cognitive function and alleviate stress with Healing Herbals' Kanna Extract. Packed with mesembrine alkaloids for improved serotonin levels and mood, our high-quality herbal product offers natural cognitive benefits.

•Functional focused calming & general wellness inducing



•Total Alkaloids: ±4.8-6.2%

•Mesembrine: ±2.9-3.1%


Primary Alkaloid Profile:
• Mesembrine 40-60%
• Mesembrenone ≤20%
• ∆7-Mesembrenone ≤20%



•Description: Similar profile to VU3 but with significantly looser standardization tolerance and thus an even broader alkaloid spectrum. Some batch by batch variance.


    The billing descriptor on your statement will say Entheogenic Emporium

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