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Fermented Kanna Extract (Channa Budder)

Fermented Kanna Extract (Channa Budder)

Full bodied and party mode 



Exclusively crafted in small batches, this product is derived from exceptionally mature roots and tops, aged between 1-4 years, boasting unique genetics.

 Enhance cognitive function and alleviate stress with Healing Herbals' Kanna Extract. Packed with mesembrine alkaloids for improved serotonin levels and mood, our high-quality herbal product offers natural cognitive benefits.

The extract undergoes an extended fermentation process and features a 7X oil separation, coupled with a potent 22:1 extraction ratio. This results in a high-mesembrenone, intensely rich and pleasantly flavorful Kanna experience.


Recommended dosage: 25-50mg.

 Contact us for a comprehensive list of lab results, information on how to buy kanna extract in bulk, what makes ours the best kanna extract or our kanna reviews. You can also now order kanna internationally! 


    The billing descriptor on your statement will say Entheogenic Emporium

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